Munir Hossn Returns With “Vientre”

Munir Hossn: VientreMunir Hossn has released Vientre, an album dedicated to his mother, who passed away in the spring of 2021. The multi-instrumentalist’s vision began as an homage to all women. As such, he recruited an incredible lineup of female musicians and singers to bring it to life.

“The idea of making an album with and dedicated to all women became a necessity, a very special story full of mixed emotions,” Hossn explains. “As the son of a very young mother who was still discovering how to enjoy life, I spent much of my childhood with my aunts, cousins, grandmothers, teachers; great women who taught me what today is for me, the most valuable lesson in my existence: to have love towards others, towards nature and towards life itself. I dedicate this album to all the women of our planet and especially to my mother who left us on the morning of 05/10/2021. May she rest in peace and may my music always make her smile.”

Hossn, who was born in Brazil, is a multi-instrumentalist that draws from grooves around the world for a unique sound. His bass playing on the Vientre is mind-blowing with intricate rhythms and beautiful note choices.

Check out his high-energy style on “Agua mi coco”:

Vientre is available now digitally through Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Vientre Track List:

  1. Mãe (feat. Maro)
  2. Não para
  3. Mon Brésil (feat. Rita Payés)
  4. Sexo Sagitário (feat. Natascha Rogers)
  5. Amor pra alma
  6. Agua mi coco
  7. Nature
  8. A dança dos dedos
  9. Temperado (feat. María Toro)
  10. Meu bonjour
  11. Descubertador (feat. Lucia Fumero)
  12. Baba Fururu
  13. Não para (Intro)

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