Xavier Foley Publishes “The Solo Book”

Xavier Foley

Xavier Foley has announced The Solo Book, which compiles all of the double bassist’s solo music into a PDF. That includes 30 pieces of music, but Foley explains that the book will be updated and emailed to you every time he writes a new solo bass piece.

Foley’s catalog includes 12 etudes, three sketches, as well as fifteen more pieces for bass. His writing style varies from “A Letter to Beethoven” to the “Irish Fantasy” to “Upright Metal”. If you’re looking to learn some new solo double bass music to challenge yourself, give this a shot.

The Solo Book is available now for $99 through Foley’s website.

The Solo Book Song List:

  1. Etude No. 1 Little Foot
  2. Etude No. 2 Celtic
  3. Etude No. 3 Lament
  4. Etude No. 4 The Hunt
  5. Etude No. 5 The Mystery
  6. Etude No. 6 The Symphony
  7. Etude No. 7 Waves
  8. Etude No. 8 Heaven
  9. Etude No. 9 Col Legno Master
  10. Etude No. 10 The Dance
  11. Etude No. 11 The Singer
  12. Etude No. 12 Reconstruction
  13. Sketch No. 1 Sunrise
  14. Sketch No. 2 The Sacrifice
  15. Sketch No. 3 Kingdom Heights
  16. A letter to Beethoven
  17. Cranberry Juice
  18. Farewell
  19. Irish Fantasy
  20. Letting Go
  21. The Falling Seagull
  22. Tuesday
  23. Upright Metal
  24. The Angry Taco
  25. Tasnsif Khooshe Chin
  26. Jingle Bells
  27. Silent Night
  28. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  29. Snowflake
  30. Lost Child

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  1. MikeyM.

    This is bad ass and his Irish Fantasy is doubly bad ass – HA Good Stuff!