Paul Wolfe Publishes “Learning From James Jamerson” Instructional Book

How To Play Bass - Learning From James Jamerson Vol. 1Paul Wolfe of recently released an instructional book on how to play blues rock bass. Now he’s giving you tips to play like one of the greatest with How To Play Bass – Learning From James Jamerson Vol. 1. The 103-page book details the devices and styles he used to create so many amazing Motown hits.

“Sadly learning directly from Jamerson is just a fantasy. So I’ve done the next best thing – learning indirectly from Jamerson by transcribing and analyzing hundreds of his bass lines. I’ve identified the vocabulary that James Jamerson brought from walking bass to the electric bass and used in all those great Motown lines.”

Chapters in the book go over creating flow in your lines with approach notes, using chromatic modifying devices, and more. The book also gives you access to a bonus website version with over 100 MP3 tracks to practice with and videos of the examples.

How To Play Bass – Learning From James Jamerson Vol. 1 is the first of a four-part series. It is available now through Amazon.

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  1. Michael Grayson

    I think It Is great I was one of the only people that got to learn bass directly from Jamerson and Jamerson always told me to not be like him he would tell me to play how I feel the first lesson he told me to play c to f a couple of times he snacthed my bass out of my hand and ask me If I was scared of It he taught me to play with authority Michael Grayson son of Miles Grayson.