Boss Unveils the Waza-Air Bass Wireless Personal Amplification System

Boss Waza-Air Bass Wireless Personal Amplification System

Boss has introduced a new bass-specific product called the Waza-Air Bass Wireless Personal Amplification System. The setup includes a set of headphones, a transmitter, and an app that’s loaded with amps, effects, and onboard rhythms. Boss utilizes the same spatial technology introduced in the Waza-Air system for guitarists to offer a dynamic listening experience.

“Practicing bass at home through an amp can be problematic because low frequencies can travel through walls and disturb others,” they write. “Using headphones is often a necessary solution, but the sound lacks the depth of the in-room experience. Waza-Air Bass changes that, restoring the natural dimension, resonance, and ‘moving air’ feel that’s lost with traditional phones. An integrated gyro sensor tracks head movements as the user plays, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that produce an immersive sound field with extraordinary spatial realism.”

The headphones come loaded with amps and effects tuned just for bass while users can customize them through the Boss Tone Studio app. The library includes five amp types and over 30 effects. Six onboard memories let you store your favorite setups. Other features include ten acoustic drum patterns with BPM and reverb controls, a metronome with 32 rhythm variations, and three “environment” settings.

“The advanced ambience setups in Waza-Air Bass provide three realistic environments to play in. Surround mode places the amp in a virtual room for a recording studio experience,” Boss explains. “Static mode provides natural spatial localization, where the combined amp and room sound continually changes depending on where the user moves their head. Stage mode delivers a full-on performance experience, with the amp sound coming from a virtual backline behind the user, along with the onboard acoustic drum patterns or music streamed from a smartphone.”

The Waza-Air Bass system runs on built-in rechargeable batteries. It will be shipping in November for $449.99. A specialized carrying case for the set will be available for $29.99.

Boss Waza-Air Bass Wireless Personal Amplification System Features:

Over-ear bass guitar sound system with wireless connectivity, premium amp and effect tones, Bluetooth® audio streaming, and sound editing via your smartphone
Advanced BOSS spatial technology and integrated gyro sensor deliver a deeply immersive playing experience with 3D ambience and dynamic sound localization
Five unique amp types and over 30 customizable bass-tuned effects
Play along with 10 acoustic drum grooves and an advanced metronome with 32 rhythm variations
Integrated BOSS wireless technology provides exceptional sound quality with ultra-low latency
Easy-to-use controls for bass guitar volume and Bluetooth audio playback, plus instant access to six user-configurable tone settings
Large, custom-designed 50 mm drivers deliver premium audio quality with rich, full sound
Conforming earpads ensure optimum driver performance for uncompromised bass guitar tone
Versatile two-way design folds down for compact storage or flat transport in the pocket of your instrument bag
Built-in rechargeable batteries with auto standby/wake function to conserve battery life
Up to five hours of play time with the headphones and up to 12 hours with the included WL-T Transmitter
Durable construction and metal parts with deluxe black chrome plating
Wirelessly edit, organize, and download tones with the BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android mobile devices
Unique onboard tuner function with audible tones that guide your tuning; visual chromatic tuner also available in the BOSS Tone Studio app
Control effects and more with the optional EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal
Optional CB-WZ-AIR case available for carrying the headphones, transmitter, and USB charging cable

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