Black Ice Introduces Battery-Free Boost and Distortion Modules

Black Ice Boost and Distort

Black Ice Enterprises has announced two new products to mod your bass: the Black Ice Boost and the Black Ice Distort. The units are small, battery-free devices that the company says can be easily installed in a guitar or bass.

The Black Ice Boost has two selectable stages of up to 7 dB of boost. It can be installed using several wiring options including a “stealth” install using a single push-pull pot. Black Ice Distort is an overdrive that can be configured from a grinding attack to a 60s-style fuzz.

“In a nutshell, our new battery-free, on-board BOOST module is perfect for anyone looking to obtain P bass inspired tones and additional output from their Jazz bass,” Black Ice’s Mike Christian tells us. “And our Black Ice DISTORT module provides fingertip access to some fun, Jack Bruce style grind. The most newsworthy aspect is that these products don’t require a battery or any other power source. While many bass players have gravitated to instruments with active pickups/electronics, we think our battery-free modules may be of particular interest to those who choose to keep things old-school.”

You can hear the Black Ice Distort on a P-Bass in the company’s demo video:

The Black Ice Boost and Black Ice Distort are available now with prices of $79.95 for the boost and $21.95 for the distortion. Installation instructions can be found on the Black Ice website.

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