Walrus Audio Introduces The Eras Distortion Pedal

Walrus Audio The Eras Distortion PedalWalrus Audio has unveiled the Eras, a high-gain stompbox that has five clipping modes with a blend knob. The pedal is a kind of follow-up to last year’s Ages five-state overdrive and takes things to the next level as a distortion box.

“If the Ages rekindled a fire for gain, Walrus is pouring on all the gasoline for a new high-gain distortion to create mythical level riffs that’ll leave everyone seeing red,” the company states.

The Eras centers around a five-position rotary switch for toggling between five gain states: Tight Mode with slight mid-cut and LED hard clipping, Tight Mode with slight mid-cut and silicon hard clipping, Dual clipping mode, rhythm mode with deeper mid-cut and LED hard clipping, and rhythm mode with deeper mid-cut and silicon hard clipping.

The blend knob allows for blending in your dry signal, which Walrus says is great for bassists wanting to retain their tone and low end. You can hear the pedal on bass in this demo from The Bass Channel:

The Walrus Audio Eras pedal features artwork by Adam Forster. It’s available now for $199.

Walrus Audio The Eras Pedal Features:

Power: 9V DC, center negative, 100mA min – 4.77 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches
Five Distortion Modes
Blend Knob
Bass and Treble Boost/Cut
Volume, Gain Knobs

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