Paradigm Blue: The Optimist

Paradigm Blue has released Transit, a 14-track album of original music. The trio includes Ruben Moreno on bass, vocals, and keyboards, Juan Mantilla on guitar, and Steve Laur on drums and percussion.

The band shared the background:

“For the three of us, ‘Transit’ represented an opportunity to revisit the musical loves of our youth. With our first release now long behind us, and having spent too much time away from writing and recording, it was with no shortage of blind enthusiasm that we threw ourselves into making this record. Over the course of many months, what began as six or seven songs ballooned into fourteen tracks, the latter nine composing a love letter to the late seventies Rush records that shaped so much of our musical beginnings. Though there are thematic threads that span the entire album, The Möbius Trip, in particular, is dedicated, with the utmost respect and appreciation, to Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and the late Neil Peart, whose untimely passing in early 2020 made our work on this album more than bittersweet.”

Here’s the video for the track, “The Optimist”:

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