Beledo Releases Sixth Album, “Seriously Deep”, with Tony Levin

Beledo: Seriously DeepMulti-instrumentalist Beledo is primarily a guitarist and keyboardist, but his latest album is certainly going to catch the attention of bassists. Seriously Deep is named after the centerpiece of the album, which is an Eberhard Weber composition originally found on 1978’s Silent Feet.

Beledo’s new record is also notable for the appearance of bass heavyweight Tony Levin, who provides electric and electric upright as part of the album’s core musicians. The main trio is rounded out by drummer Kenny Grohowski with special guests Jorge Camiruaga and vocalists Kearoma Rantao and Boris Savoldelli.

“Lasting over 14 minutes [“Seriously Deep”], with its graceful gently unfurling melody, features Beledo on electric guitar and acoustic piano,” a press release says. “Beledo’s high-end undulating solo is complimented by Levin’s ruminative response at the opposite end of the tonal, adding up to a beautifully balanced performance.”

Check out this reel clip and behind the scenes footage:

Seriously Deep is available now on CD, vinyl, and digital formats through Bandcamp.

Seriously Deep Track List:

  1. Seriously Deep
  2. Mama D
  3. Coasting Zone
  4. Maggie’s Sunrise
  5. Knocking Waves
  6. A Temple in the Valley
  7. Into the Spirals

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