Zorg Effects Introduces the Küth Pedal

Zorg Effects Küth PedalAs bass players, we love to pile on the low end. However, too much activity in the low register – especially with fuzzes and octavers – can muddy up our sound. France’s Zorg Effects has released a new pedal called the Küth that will help clean up that mess.

The single-knob stompbox is a high pass filter that removes inaudible frequencies that the company calls parasitic movements of your speakers.

“To carry out his mission, Küth is made of two 2nd order low cut filters in series, both with a -12dB/Oct slope,” they write. “The first one has a fixed cutoff at 20Hz. The second filter has a variable frequency between 20Hz and 100Hz which is set with the potentiometer.”

Hear the difference in this clip:

The Zorg Effects Küth is handcrafted in Toulouse, France. It’s available now for approximately $100 with Zorg saying it will be offered later as a kit.

Zorg Effects Küth Pedal Features:

Two Low-Cut Filters, One Knob
Small Footprint
9V Supply Operation

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