Zorg Effects Unveils the Glorious Basstar 2 Pedal

Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar 2 PedalFrance’s Zorg Effects has updated their flagship bass pedal with the Glorious Basstar 2. New features include a vertical enclosure with top-mounted jacks and an optional soft switch relay true bypass. It still retains its sonic features with a three-band overdrive.

“It cuts the signal in three frequencies bands: bass/mids/trebles,” Zorg writes. “Each band can then be saturated independently and mixed according to your taste.”

The Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar 2 carries a retail price of approximately $210 with an extra $25 for the soft switch upgrade.

You can hear the pedal’s wide range in this demo video:

Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar 2 Pedal Features:

Top Loading Jacks
Multiband High Gain Overdrive
Master Volume and Ton Knobs
Optional Soft Switch Relay True Bypass

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