Charles Berthoud: When They Say You Have Too Many Strings

We love Charles Berthoud.

And we love how he’s been responding to the typical comments people pushing the boundaries often get.

Last time, he responded to the “you should just play piano!” comment. This time, he’s responding to the age-old “you have too many strings on your bass” one.

I’m convinced there’s nothing he can’t do.

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  1. Steve Carriere

    I have played plenty of songs on one string…usually my A string.

  2. Eric Williams

    Just curious if the title had to do with so many Californians moving into Oregon? There were bumper stickers back in the 80s in Portland that read don’t californicate Oregon. If you notice today, that was just the beginning. In any case, I used to think that no one would be able to drop Victor’s jaw, then came Charles. His talents go far beyond anything I could have ever imagined being done on an electric Bass.

  3. darth

    Brushy One String grooves more on a one string acoustic, no effects