Behringer Revives the Octave Divider Pedal

Behringer Octave Divider PedalBehringer has been making waves over the last few years by reissuing vintage synths and drum machines. Now, they’ve brought back a classic octave pedal with the Octave Divider.

Based on the Mu-Tron Octave Divider of the ’70s, the pedal is designed to work with guitar, bass, keyboards, and more. As with the original, it has a Bass Only switch that completely cuts out your dry signal for a sub-octave effect. Its control set also includes a Ring Modulator, a blend knob, and a Tone knob. Finally, a Stabilize switch helps improve note tracking.

The Behringer Octave Divider is shipping now for $99.

Behringer Octave Divider Pedal Features:

Classic Analog Octave and Ringer Effects
Mix Knob
Tone Knob
Ringer Switch
Stabilize Switch
Bass Only Footswitch
Standard 9-12 volt DC power

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