Mojo Hand FX Introduces Clarity Compressor Pedal

Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor PedalMojo Hand FX has expanded its line of pedals with the Clarity Compressor, an original circuit design focused on simplicity and sonic versatility. The pedal utilizes DSP technology for “clean, quiet and transparent compression,” the company writes.

The Clarity has Compression and Level controls for setting the compression as well as a Mix knob for blending in your clean, unaffected signal. A button in the middle of the knobs lets you pick between two compression styles.

“The ‘Slope’ option delivers a smooth, relatively subtle compression function,” Mojo Hand explains. “The ‘Envelope’ option engages a more noticeable “hard knee” limiter effect.”

Other features include true-bypass switching and 9-volt center-negative power supply operation. The Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor is built in the USA and carries a street price of $139.

Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor Pedal Features:


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