Mojo Hand FX Goes Retro With The Wonder Filter Envelope Pedal

Mojo Hand FX Wonder Filter EnvelopeMojo Hand FX has introduced the Wonder Filter Envelope, an effects pedal inspired by a ’70s classic with modern updates. The Wonder Filter is fully analog, true bypass, and hand-assembled in the United States.

Its controls include Peak and Gain as well as Range and Drive switches found on the original. The original features include a Mode selector switch that toggles between Band Pass, High Pass, Notch Filter, and No Filter settings. Mojo Hand says the No Filter setting allows the Wonder Filter to offer preamp stand-alone boost capability. A full range Attack knob gives fine tunes tone and sensitivity by tweaking response in conjunction with the Gain knob. Finally the pedal has a Boost knob and Mix control.

Check out a clip of the Wonder Filter on bass on the company’s Facebook page.

The Mojo Hand FX Wonder Filter Envelope funs on a 9-volt power supply. It’s available now for $229.

Mojo Hand FX Wonder Filter Envelope Features:

Boost, Gain, Attack, Mix, and Peak controls
Range and Drive switches
Mode Selector: No Filter, Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, Notch Filter
Fully Analog
True Bypass
9-Volt Power Supply
Hand-Built in USA

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