Kenny James Releases “Invisiblemann Vol. 15: Intergalactic Funk Coalition”

Kenny James: Invisiblemann Vol. 15: Intergalactic Funk CoalitionKenny James has added another title to his Invisiblemann albums, and it’s got some stank on it. Volume 15 of the series is entitled Intergalactic Funk Coalition and features fat, retro funk grooves with modern twists.

James, the “True Funk Soldier”, draws on influences like Parliament and Stevie Wonder while adding his own edge of breakbeats. If you dig thick slap bass lines and trance-like grooves, look no further.

Intergalactic Funk Coalition is available on CD through James’s website.

Intergalactic Funk Coalition Track List:

  1. Funk Shot
  2. Planet Snitch
  3. Galactic Funk Plan
  4. How U Feel
  5. Space Galaxy Soldiers
  6. Intergalactic Funk Coalition
  7. Drunk Lil Guy N The Sky
  8. Funky Cholo’s Soul Ride
  9. A Universe Where Luv Don’t Cost a Thing
  10. Love in Space
  11. Space Munchies
  12. Digital Romance
  13. We Have Landed Meet The Crew
  14. Planet Sexy

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