Jerome Lee: New Amsterdam Groove

No Treble reader Jerome Lee sent us this video for an instrumental track he wrote back in the day and recorded last month.

“‘New Amsterdam Groove’ is an instrumental song that I wrote while living in The Netherlands during the late 1990’s. The song was played during live performances by a band I was in while I lived there, but now, here is a studio recorded version for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

We love the groove on this one, and check out Jerome’s solo.

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  1. Thank you staff at No Treble for sharing this!


      Nice video. Did you put that together, Jerome?

      • Hi Frank, thank you for viewing! I gathered raw video footage of myself at a few locations and submitted graphics as well; and the video itself was edited by Phil Varone.

  2. Aubrey Richardson

    Very smooth. I hear some great musicianship going on there. From an ole bass thumper for about 58 years.