Mastro Valvola Introduces the OFF1 Pedal

Mastro Valvola OFF1 PedalItaly’s Mastro Valvola has unveiled a new pedal called the OFF1. The unit combines octave, fuzz, and filter circuits into a stompbox made for “guitar, bass, synth, and any other stuff,” the company states.

The three analog circuits are standalone in series. “Octave and Fuzz can be used individually for a more canonical approach of the two effects, while from their combination more experimental results can be obtained,” they write. “The first effect in the internal signal chain is the Octave and then in series come the Fuzz and the ladder Filter. By applying the Fuzz’s high octave effect and Filter on the low octaves you get out of the ordinary sounds and are projected towards moods close to the world of synths.”

The Octave portion is drawn from the old school monophonic style and adds one or two octaves below the played note with each octave having a separate volume control.
Mastro Valvola says the Fuzz section has an “edgy and grumpy character.” It has Gain, volume, and tone controls. An octave up sound is accessed by its own footswitch.

Finally, the filter circuit is from the family of synths ladder filters and is controlled with Cutoff and Resonance knobs. An expression pedal input allows for dialing in the Cutoff on the fly.

Get the rundown on bass from Gregor Fris of

The Mastro Valvola OFF1 is available now for approximately $330.

Mastro Valvola OFF1 Pedal Features:

3 analog circuits
Synth-style ladder filter
2 footswitches
Both buttons can be used in latching or momentary mode
Expression pedal / CV input

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