Mastro Valvola Announces Area MkII Reverb Pedal

Mastro Valvola Area MkII PedalItaly’s Mastro Valvola has released a new version of their Area multi-reverb called the Area MkII. The new unit has the same features as the original with the addition of a Timed Bypass System, which the company designed to manage the reverb trails.

“When Trails mode is engaged and the effect is turned off, the pedal uses the ‘buffered bypass’ and the reverb trails die of naturally,” Mastro Valvola writes. “When the reverb trails are completely dead the pedal automatically changes the bypass system in true-bypass through the internal relay.”

Other features include four types of reverb (Reverb, Modulation, Shimmer 8th, Shimmer 8th+5th), three presets, a dedicated pre-delay control, a dedicated shimmer volume control, and a damp control that modifies the emphasis on the reverberation frequencies.

The Mastro Valvola Area MkII has a price point around $250.

Mastro Valvola Area MkII Pedal Features:

4 types of reverb: Reverb – Modulation – Shimmer 8th – Shimmer 8th + 5th
3 presets, easily managed with the preset button
Damp control, to modify the emphasis on the reverberation frequencies
Dedicated pre-delay control, to easily modify the separation between the Dry and reverberated signal
Dedicated shimmer volume control
Truebypass with Timed Bypass System (TBS), to manage the reverb trails
Analogical mix control, varying from 100% dry to 100% wet
Completely analog dry signal path

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