Ilaria Capalbo Tells The Tale of “Karthago” on Debut Album

Ilaria Capalbo: KarthagoBassist and composer Ilaria Capalbo has released her stunning debut album, Karthago, which blends the jazz tradition with contemporary improvisation. The eight original pieces are inspired by the city of Karthago, which was ruled by a legendary queen but “doomed by its proximity to Rome.”

“It’s a musical tale of resilience, courage, and vulnerability; part ancient history, part myth,” a press release explains.

Capalbo’s writing is lush, with arrangements that span the spectrum between an intimate duo on “Mare Nostrum” and chamber orchestra sounds that evolve into chaos on the title track. Her rich bass tone, delicate touch, and thoughtful melodicism tie it all together into a cohesive sound.

Hear the group’s dynamic crescendo over the song “Karthago”:

Karthago is available now on CD and as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp.

Karthago Track List:

  1. Belóved
  2. Part I: Ab Radice
  3. Karthago
  4. Mare Nostrum
  5. Scintilla
  6. Moth
  7. Part II: Ago Radices
  8. What Remains of Those Days

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