Death By Audio Announces the Germanium Filter Pedal

Death By Audio Germanium Filter PedalDeath By Audio has announced a new pedal to their lineup called the Germanium Filter. The stompbox is inspired by old school sounds of a console-style boost, fuzz, distortion, and overdrive pedal.

“The concept for the Germanium Filter has always been there,” says DBA’s Oliver Ackermann. “I wanted to improve the OG Germanium Filter I designed in 2005 and turn it into something truly awesome—a pedal that uses this super old technology and blows it out the DBA way.”

The pedal centers around the set of obsolete NOS Russian transistors from the ‘60s that are hand-paired. Its control configuration is pared down to two knobs: a filter control and a gain control. The company says the filter gives you precise control over frequency response “for huge low end, chewy midrange or cutting treble bite,” while the gain control sweeps from mild overdrive to blasted-out fuzz. An internal volume trimpot lets you set the pedal’s maximum output volume.

The Death By Audio Germanium Filter runs on either a 9-volt power supply or a 9-volt battery. It’s available now for $225.

Death By Audio Germanium Filter Pedal Features:

Controls:Filter, Gain, Volume (internal Trimpot)
Dimensions:5″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ (including hardware).
Weight:10.6 oz
Power:9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw:5 mA.

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