Darkglass Electronics Unveils Exponent 500

Darkglass Electronics Exponent 500

Darkglass Electronics is known for its pedals and amps that offer gritty sounds, but now they’ve announced a new device that cleans up the process of amplification. The Exponent 500 is a new amp that interacts with their Darkglass Suite to get plenty of options from a streamlined control set.

“We always craved a clean head. A device that ‘out of the box’ is an amplifier without added effects,” they write. “Uncomplicated, intuitive, and for each one of us to be able to unveil the layer of sophistication that better serves our projects and skills. The Exponent is a new concept we call Powered Platform: once connected turns into a multi-effect, with fully programmable and presettable signal chains with all the components a professional bassist requires.”

Rated at 500 watts, the e500 has Input and Master control knobs with five Quick-Pots labeled a through e. The quick-pots default to the amp EQ’s four frequency bands and a preset-specific control. Utilizing the Darkglass Suite, they can be used to control effects from your signal chain.

The preset button toggles between five presets and a bypass signal. Holding the preset button starts Bluetooth pairing. The front panel also has a mute switch. Its rear has a speaker output, an effects loop, a headphone output, MIDI in, a USB port, and an XLR direct output.

Get more on the Exponent 500 with the company’s trailer:

The Darkglass Exponent 500 is available for pre-order for $999.99.

Darkglass Electronics Exponent 500 Features:

Power: 500 watts
Controls: Input, Master, Five Assignable Quick-Pots
Preset Button with Five Spots plus Bypass
Mute Switch
Effects Loop
Speaker Output
Headphone Output
XLR Direct Out with Ground Lift
Compatible with Darkglass Suite to Create, Edit, Share Presets

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