TC Electronic Unveils the Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Pedal

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Pedal

TC Electronic is continuing to pay homage to classic sounds with their latest pedal, the Bucket Brigade Analog Delay. The new stompbox offers up to 600 milliseconds of delay time with optional modulation and depth controls. It also has “warm” repeats.

“Repeating is easy. But repeating with warmth, making the follow-ups strikingly classy and not least musical, requires a very particular skillset. BUCKET BRIGADE is born with that skillset and treats the delay line to a carefully crafted series of filters in the feedback circuit, resulting in deliciously warm repeats,” the company writes. “Add onboard modulation, TrueBypass and a whopping 600ms of delay and you have a very powerful, yet compact, package that is ready to sign up for a spot on your pedalboard!”

Although it is demoed on guitar, you can get the full rundown of the new pedal in the company’s launch video:

The TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Analog Delay is available now for $69.

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Pedal Features:

In, Out, Depth, Volume Controls
Modulation Switch
Internal Speed Trim Pot
Compact Housing
Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.3 x 2.2″
Weight: .66 lbs
Power: Standard 9 V DC, center neg, 40 mA

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  1. Olivier

    Have anyone try it with bass ?
    How does it sound ?