Bass of the Week: Stankevicius Guitars “Vitoldas” Bass

Stankevicius Guitars "Vitoldas" Bass

This week we’re checking out a stunning build by Stankevicius Guitars out of Lithuania. The five-string “Vitoldas” was designed with bassist Lukas Damulis and features an amazing quilted AAAA maple top over a roasted alder body in a dreamy blue finish.

Its neck, which is also roasted maple, sports an ebony fingerboard with offset Luminlay position markers. The bass sports a single Fishman Fluence pickup with Fishman electronics, which includes a 2-band EQ and a push-pull pot for volume/coil split.

Stankevicius Guitars “Vitoldas” Bass Specs:

Body:Roasted Alder
Top:Quilted AAAA Maple Top
Neck:Roasted Maple
Frets:24 EVO Gold
Pickup:Fishman Fluence Mike Inez

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  1. William Burdis

    Beautiful, reminiscent of the original and Amazing Vigier’s. However NOT A COPY. This has all my favourite parts. Nice CLEAN build. A body shape that works and great, great hardware. Fantastic to see the WARWICK bridge. This is my favourite bridge of all time. Easy to set up, and deceptively subtle with all the adjustment points. It makes this instrument.
    Well done builder, I would buy it. Just because it looks fairly simple doesn’t mean it is. That fluence…..!