Mas Effects Announces Sona Fuzz Pedal

Mas Effects Sona Fuzz Pedals

Mas Effects has introduced the Sona Fuzz, which they describe as an extreme, high gain fuzz pedal with a touch of class. Its control set includes a Body switch that adjusts the input filter to either fatten or thins out the incoming signal.

It has a standard three knob setup with fuzz, volume, and tone controls. The Tone pans between high and low pass filters on the output. Additionally, it has two internal controls: a Fuzz ceiling knob to tame the overall fuzz limits and a Bias knob to give a gated, sputtering sound.

The Mas Effects Sona Fuzz runs on a 9-volt power supply and has relay switched true bypass. It’s available now in three different powder coats for $149.

Mas Effects Sona Fuzz Pedal Features:

4 transistor, silicon, extremely high-gain fuzz
3 Powder Coats: Natural, Sparkle, Sunshine
Body Switch Input Filter
Internal Fuzz Ceiling and Bias Controls
Top-mounted Jacks
9-Volt Power
Soft touch, relay controlled, true-bypass foot switch

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