Line 6 Launches the Pod Express Bass Pedal

Line 6 Pod Express Bass PedalLine 6 has unveiled the Pod Express Bass pedal, which acts as an amp and effects processor. With sounds derived from the company’s Helix processors, the new model packs a lot in.

The Pod Express Bass has seven amps, seven cabs, and 17 effects (including a looper) built in. The effects are easily sorted into five knobs: Amp, Comp, Synth, Dist, and Mod/Delay. Pressing the Alt button changes the function of the effects knobs to be amp controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble.

As if that’s not enough, it has stereo outputs, tap tempo, a tuner, a noise gate, a headphone output, and a USB-C audio interface for re-amping.

The pedal can be powered by a power supply or 3 AA Batteries.

Check out features here:

And hear some of the sounds as created by Ellen and Hovak Alaverdyan.

The Line 6 Pod Express Bass is out now with a price of $179.

Line 6 Pod Express Bass Pedal Features:

Portable Design
7 Amps, 7 cabs, and 17 effects, including a looper
Powered by 3 AA batteries or an optional 9-volt power supply
Stereo Main outputs and stereo headphone output
USB-C audio interface for recording, monitoring, re-amping
Connect an optional expression pedal or 2 external footswitches

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  1. Ronaldo

    Without an xlr out, I won’t consider. Also – headphone out without a stereo in is kind of useless.

  2. Tony

    There is absolutely no reason this does not have a reverb swappable for the delay. I said what I said. AND the delay (as-is) should have been separate from the modulation FX. A preposterous and ponderous design decision. Nonetheless! I will probably buy it, because it’s so freakin cool :D