Blues Beatles: Yesterday (Live at Bourbon Street Brazil)

It’s great to see the return of the Blues Beatles to the stage. Here’s a great clip of Bruno Falcão and the band getting down and doing their thing on “Yesterday”, live at Bourbon Street Brazil.

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  1. Mike Walker

    I want to hear them do “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”.

  2. Kenny

    I just watched this video for the fifth time. It would have been much better if the video production had been anywhere as amazing as the band. Specifically, the hand-held camera operator should be aware that world class performance on the guitar and the B3 should show the hands of the players. Also, editor, watch your mix of shotes. Several times you went to medium and close shots of people moving around while the action should have been on the players.Remember, “Your audience doesn’t know anything past the boundaries of the view of the camera.” I know you can do better.