Walrus Audio Introduces the Badwater Bass Preamp and DI

Walrus Audio Badwater Bass Preamp and DI

Bass players have utilized Walrus Audio pedals for years, but now the company has unveiled its first unit dedicated to bass. The Walrus Audio Badwater is a preamp and DI pedal complete with an optical compressor, an overdrive with three voicings, and a four-band EQ.

“Enhance your bass rig’s capabilities and dial in everything from warm cleans, gritty chords, punchy drive, or bright and crisp slap sounds,” the company writes. “The Badwater gets its name from the Badwater Basin in Death Valley, California, the lowest point in the U.S. below sea level. Like the basin it’s named after, the Badwater holds the foundation for the lowest frequencies and saltiest licks in song creation.”

Get the low-down on the Badwater with sound samples from the Walrus Audio intro video:

The Walrus Audio Badwater comes in a matte black enclosure with artwork inspired by the Badwater Basin, and it runs on a 9-volt power supply. It’s shipping now for $299.

Walrus Audio Badwater Bass Preamp and DI Features:

Versatile and powerful tone sculpting tool for bassists of all styles.
Optical compression for smooth added sustain.
Blendable drive control with three different voicing options.
Boost/Cut EQ section. +/- 12dB on low and high controls and +/- 10dB on Mid, LMF, and HMF controls.
Sweep 500 Hz to 2.4 kHz through the Low Mid & LMF controls and 3.5 kHz to 7.5 kHz on High Mid & HMF controls.
Ground lift to isolate the GND pin on XLR to help reduce hum if present.
1/4 inch instrument signal & XLR line-level output options.
Outputs run simultaneously for direct and on-stage connections.

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