Lusithand Devices Unveils the Alma Bass Compressor Pedal

Lusithand Devices Alma Compressor Pedal

Lusithand Devices has added a new pedal to their lineup called the Alma Compressor. Based on the Diamond Bass Compressor, the Alma kicks things up a notch.

“We keep all the good things of the original and add a Voltage Doubling circuit (selectable ON or OFF) and also a Clean Direct path to mix the compressed signal with uncompressed (clean) signal,” the company explains. “The selectable voltage doubling is great to increase headroom which helps prevent unwanted, unpleasant clipping. When operating on more voltage the sound fattens up slightly and compression kicks in slightly harder.”

The control set includes a COM knob that sets the gain and compression/ratio simultaneously, a tilt EQ knob, a volume knob, and a clean direct knob for adding in your dry signal. Lusithand adds that the circuit is a mild compressor with a fixed ratio of 3:1/4:1 depending on the compressor setting.

Hear it in action:

The Lusithand Devices Alma Compressor is available for pre-order with an introductory price of about $187.

Lusithand Devices Alma Compressor Pedal Features:

Based on Diamond Bass Compressor
Compression, EQ, Volume, and Clean knobs
Switchable Voltage Doubling Circuit
Operates on 9v(35mAh) or 12v(42mAh) standard center negative on Voltage Doubling mode
With Voltage doubling switched off, it can run from 9v to 24v max (standard center negative)

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