Lusithand Devices Introduces the Ground & Pound Distortion Pedal

Lusithand Devices Ground and Pound Pedal

Lusithand Devices has unveiled a crushing new distortion pedal for bass called the Ground & Pound. The circuit’s creation was dreamed up in an attempt to recreate Tool bassist Justin Chancellor’s sound.

“Being a huge Justin Chancellor (and Tool) fan, I have always admired his bass tone and have always tried to emulate it,” Lusithand writes. “At some point, during my band years, I was running 3 pedals simultaneously, just to get that JC standard distorted sound that led us to this very moment… Now, there is no longer the need to use that Turbo distortion plus that separate EQ…”

Although the pedal was created with Chancellor’s tone in mind, Lusithand says it does much more thanks to the distortion being tailored and EQ’ed to have a full frequency spectrum. It has four controls with Volume, Distortion, Mix, and EQZ knobs. The EQZ tilt equalizer is borrowed from their Alma Comp design and affects only the distorted signal. “The clean signal also uses the main “Alma Comp” circuit with a very small (2:1) Ratio that can be added to the distortion via the “Mix” control which really helps the clean and distorted sounds meld together in a more organic way,” they add.

Hear the Ground & Pound in action with this demo from The Wetter Bass:

The Lusithand Devices Ground & Pound is available now for approximately $267 USD.

Lusithand Devices Ground & Pound Pedal Features:

9v to 18v operation
Handmade in the UK
Bulit-in Compression (2:1) on the clean signal
Blend control
Signature distorted sound with no loss of bass
Equalizable distortion

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