Janek Gwizdala Releases “One Way Out” Music and Documentary

Janek Gwizdala: One Way OutJanek Gwizdala is known for his incredible improvisations, both on and off the stage. For instance, he has made albums without any preconceived notions of what to record, and he launched a “Last Minute World Tour” in 2017.

For his latest project, the bassist recruited keyboardist Tom Cawley and drummer Nicolas Viccaro to a set of recording sessions in Spain, where the trio explored through improvised songs and cinematic soundscapes. The result is a set of EPs and a 45-minute documentary, all entitled One Way Out.

Although there are three musicians in the group, the film helps to document what Gwizdala calls the “fourth band member”: his incredible array of effects pedals. For part of the recording, we get to see the bassist in his element sitting on the ground, surrounded by stompboxes and synths. Aside from his virtuosic touch, Gwizdala’s deep knowledge of effects leads to the music having an immense sonic palette from urgent ring mod tones to glitchy electronica to cloudy synth pads.

Watching the joy and intensity of this music’s creation is worth the price of admission for the documentary. Get a taste of it with the trailer:

One Way Out, Part One has been released directly to Gwizdala’s website. In fact, he’s taken all of his music off of all other platforms and put it exclusively on his site. (Check out his YouTube channel for reasons why.) The One Way Out documentary can be purchased and streamed via Vimeo.

One Way Out, Part One Track List:

  1. Network Effect
  2. Seven Gusting Eight
  3. You Had To Be There

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