Janek Gwizdala Releases “It Only Happens Once”

Janek Gwizdala: It Only Happens OnceJanek Gwizdala has released his fourth album as a leader, the 10-song It Only Happens Once. The album features drummers Jojo Mayer and Mark Guiliana, saxophonists John Ellis and Justin Vasquez and guitarist Tim Miller.

“[The album was] recorded over two days at the Bunk Studios in Brooklyn NY with no preconceived ideas about what we were going to play,” Gwizdala explained. “We just played, and what you hear is what happened.”

Gwizdala self-released It Only Happens Once on BandCamp, making the album available at “Name Your Own Price.”

Preview and download It Only Happens Once:

It Only Happens Once Track List:

  1. Crushing
  2. It Only Happens Once
  3. Two Bars
  4. Social Network
  5. Parallel Worlds
  6. Straight Lines
  7. Benny
  8. You Rang?
  9. Lonely Puppy
  10. Swamp Landing

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