Noah Fishman: “Mystic River Valley” by Maya Keren

Today we’re continuing a three-part series of videos by Noah Fishman. Each clip is the premiere of a new composition for electric bass.

Noah shared the story behind the music:

Next in the solo bass commission series is “Mystic River Valley” by Maya Keren. Several years ago, Maya contacted me about a song of mine called “The Wonderline“, and we connected over our time in Princeton University’s music department. When I began thinking of musicians to write a piece for me, Maya was a clear choice.

Maya and I spoke often during the composition of this piece. Over Zoom calls and through voice memos, Maya would ask questions and I’d share samples of different extended techniques. Tapping and sliding, hammers and left-hand plucks, artificial harmonics… This piece has it all, and it paints a striking musical picture. A few words from Maya:

“I wrote this piece for Noah during the first fall of Covid. I was spending a lot of time walking to the Mystic River Valley in Somerville, MA. Swimming there or just sitting by the water was one of the only things that felt nourishing to my body and spirit during that time. This piece emerged from that practice.”

It took a few months for the vision of this piece to come into focus, and once it did, I had a great time diving into the difficulty of holding all of these parts together. I can definitely feel the influence of water in this piece as it ebbs and flows.

Fishman is a multidimensional performer, composer, arranger, and educator. For more information visit

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