Noah Fishman: Fluffy Claws by Andy Reiner

Today we’re concluding a three-part series of videos by Noah Fishman. Each clip is the premiere of a new composition for electric bass.

Noah shared the story behind the music:

In addition to electric and upright bass, I play a few other instruments, including mandolin. I was introduced to Andy Reiner during an online session of Fiddle Hell. I loved Andy’s energy and his approach to fiddle tune writing, so I reached out about commissioning a composition from him. It turned out to be a great fit.

Over a Zoom session, Andy quizzed me about the electric bass range, techniques, and sounds, and shared some of his own playing too. A few weeks later, the first draft of “Fluffy Claws” showed up in my inbox. I was off to the races. This piece was a blast to learn, and it’s great for improvisation. Here are a few words about “Fluffy Claws” from Andy:

“Fluffy Claws takes direct inspiration from one of our cats, ‘Viola.’ Her paws contain a totally insane juxtaposition of extraordinarily sharp claws with multi-color pink and black toe beans, and out-of-control floofy fur accenting the situation. That anything can be simultaneously dangerous but also soft and cuddly was the jumping off point for this piece. We celebrate Viola’s floofiness and her fluffy claws every day. Fluffy Claws is a celebration of exuberance over logic, with unexpected turns and creativity around every corner.”

Thanks for listening, reading, and watching. Think you’ll give any of these new pieces a try? Congratulations to Gabriel, Maya, and Andy for these great new additions to the solo bass repertoire!

Fishman is a multidimensional performer, composer, arranger, and educator. For more information visit

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