Stu Hamm Launches Online Bass Course With ArtistWorks

Stu Hamm

Stu Hamm has just launched a new video course with ArtistiWorks simply called Electric Bass with Stu Hamm. The virtuoso bassist, known for his solo playing as well as credits with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, teaches a wide range of lessons with basic, intermediate, and advanced sections.

“Students have access to hundreds of video lessons, play-along tracks, bass guitar tabs, and the added option to submit videos to Stu for personal feedback,” ArtistWorks explains.

Hamm’s basic lessons go from getting to know your bass and how to hold it, while intermediate lessons start to incorporate odd time signatures, double stops, and more harmonic knowledge. His advanced lessons dig into comping chords, walking through jazz changes, building a solo, and more.

Check out his teaching style with this intro to slap bass:

Electric Bass with Stu Hamm is available through ArtistWorks now starting at $105 for a three-month plan.

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