Strymon Updates Six Pedals with New Features

Strymon v2 Pedals

Strymon has announced an update to six of their most popular pedals. The DIG, Flint, El Capistan, Deco, Lex, and blueSky have all been upgraded with a boatload of features.

“[The pedals] now feature a USB-C connection for updating firmware and MIDI communication, a TRS MIDI jack for bidirectional MIDI communication, full stereo inputs and outputs with a rear-panel Mono/Stereo switch, a premium JFET input circuit for the ultimate in tone and touch response, robust MIDI implementation allowing MIDI clock sync and onboard storage for up to 300 presets, and a powerful new ARM processor that has more power and consumes less energy than previous iterations,” the company writes. “The user interface for each pedal has also been updated to provide easier and deeper control of important parameters, designed for users to get to their favorite (and undiscovered) sounds faster and easier than ever before.”

Get a deeper look into the platform with the Strymon introduction video:

The new versions of pedals are available now at price points of $379 for the DIG, Deco, El Capistan, and blueSky and $349 for the Lex and Flint.

Strymon v2 Pedal Features:

USB-C Connection
ARM Processor
Stereo Inputs and Outputs with Mono/Stereo Switch
300 Presets
Updated User Interface

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