Free The Tone Introduces the Integrated Gate Pedal

Free The Tone Integrated Gate PedalFree The Tone has introduced the Integrated Gate, a noise suppressor pedal that has Noise Reduction and Noise Gate modes. Reduction offers a gradual reduction in volume to make the noise less noticeable, while the Gate mode completely mutes the volume when it drops below the threshold.

The pedal has a signal monitoring function that constantly monitors the input signal by using a CPU.

“The optimum output level is controlled while monitoring the waveform,” they state. “Even with the Integrated Gate connected, the sound quality does not change, and in order to convey the original sound of the guitar or bass to a device connected after this unit, the circuit through which the audio signal passes is completely analog.”

Other features include MIDI capability, an input impedance selector, and the company’s Holistic Tonal Solution (HTS) circuit.

Free The Tone’s Integrated Gate is available now for $228.

Free The Tone Integrated Gate Pedal Features:

Signal Monitoring System
Noise Reduction and Noise Gate modes
Input Impedance Switch (Hi-Z, Lo-Z)
Control by MIDI signal (Control Change Number) is possible (effect on/off only)
Holistic Tonal Solution Circuit

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