Free The Tone Announces the PA-1QB Programmable 10-Band EQ Pedal

Free the Tone PA-1QB Programmable 10-Band EQ Pedal

Japan’s Free The Tone has released the PA-1QB, a programmable 10-band EQ pedal for bass. The device’s signal path is analog with a digital parameter control section for storing and processing your settings.

The pedal revolves around the Holistic Tonal Solution, or HTS, circuit that has been revamped for 2018. “It holistically manages high-quality guitar/bass signals from input to output to keep the sound texture the same whether the e?ect is on or o?,” the company writes. Each of the PA-1QB’s frequencies and EQ curves were selected specifically for the bass. The pedal has 99 presets that can be recalled via MIDI.

“The PA-1QG/B can be used not only as an equalizer e?ects unit but also as a preset volume controller that manages sound level in each preset,” Free The Tone writes. “It is equally suitable to applications to increase the volume of solo playing or to level out individual di?erences in output levels when switching between multiple guitars/basses.”

The Free The Tone PA-1QB will be shipping in late January with a suggested retail price of $380.

Free The Tone PA-1QB EQ Pedal Specs:

Number of presets:99
Input impedance:INST min. 1 M? / LINE min. 300 k?
Output load impedance:min. 10 k?
Max. input level:INST +4 dBm / LINE +14 dBm (EQ setting = flat)
Controls:???? cursor keys, PARAMETER encoder, INST(-10dB)/LINE(+4dB) level selector switch
Frequencies:40 Hz, 80 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 800 Hz, 1200 Hz, 2400 Hz, 4500 Hz, 8 kHz (±12 dB)

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