Axe Heaven Announces Rush Mini Bass And Guitar Replica Collectibles

Geddy Lee Vintage Tour Edition Mini Fender Jazz Bass Model In Hand

Axe Heaven is paying tribute to Rush with new mini bass and guitar replicas. The officially licensed products are 1:4 scale and individually handcrafted from solid wood with metal tuning keys.

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee each have two replicas in the series. (A drum set for Neil Peart is forthcoming.) Both of Lee’s models are takes on his black Fender Jazz, one with black inlays and one “Vintage Distressed Tour Edition” that sports the Amalgamation symbol.

The miniature collectibles stand approximately 10 inches tall and come with an adjustable A-frame and guitar case gift box stamped with silver foil. Axe Heaven adds that the replicas “look great but are not playable.”

Both Axe Heaven Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass Mini Replicas are available for $49.99.

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