Steve Lawson: It Comes In Waves

Steve Lawson dropped track two of his album, T♥L♥C, yesterday and shared that there’s a video for the first track.

“‘It Comes In Waves’ is a LONG track, and features some of the most egregiously celebratory (and also at times wild and aggressive!) ‘soloing’ that I’ve ever released,” Steve shared. “I don’t often think of much of what I do as ‘soloing’ in the traditional sense. I improvise long form melodies rather than ‘play solos’ but this is soloing in the grand tradition of jazz rock and fusion from the 70s onwards. Loads of it, book-ended by an ambient intro and an electronic breakdown that I’m particularly happy with. As with everything it was improvised in one take and is unedited. I hope you can hear the joy at still be able to play at this weird time in my health-journey pushing through the various emotions relating to the cancer diagnosis that also inform music of the development of the soloing section as it grows, before the denouement and the emerging sense of hope for the future.”

Steve continues to create as he continues his cancer treatment. Here’s how you can help support him.

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