JET Pedals Introduces the Red Sea Pedal

JET Pedals Red Sea PedalJET Pedals has released the Red Sea, a new analog utility pedal that offers complex signal routing options. The routing matrix allows for stereo and mono signal options for live performance that the company says has only been found in a studio environment, including a wet/dry/wet setup.

“The Red Sea gives you the ability to run a FULL Stereo wet dry wet rig using only 2 amps or just 2 signals to the FOH, while also giving you complete control over your Wet & Dry mix!” They write. “Use the Blend knob to control the overall mix between stereo wet effects and mono dry/drive signals.”

You can also use the Red Sea to run stereo dual amps, stereo parallel effects, wet/dry using a single amp, and more. It has stereo or mono ins and outs with studio-grade analog buffers on all inputs and outputs. Aside from the oversized blend knob, it has polarity reverse switches for changing the left and right polarity on one of the effects loops.

Get a deep dive into its possibilities with this official demo video:

The JET Pedals Red Sea will be available on November 18th with a price point of $289.99.

JET Pedals Red Sea Pedal Features:

Stereo or Mono In’s & Out’s
Studio Grade Analog Buffers on all Inputs & Outputs
Large Blend Knob for Blending in a Live Setting
Polarity Reverse Switches for Changing the L&R Polarity on One of the FX Loops
Cast Aluminum Enclosure for Maximum Durability and Weight Reduction
Power via Standard 9v 100ma Power Supply (not included)
Dimensions: 4.82″ x 2.62″ x 1.425″

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