Tapping Technique and Composition: Tremolo Tapping on “The Gnome and The Skeleton”

This lesson on “Tremolo Tapping” is from my song “The Gnome and the Skeleton” from the album, A Lesson in Impermanence, streaming on all major platforms.

Tremolo Tapping is when you tap a note with the left hand and then echo that note by plucking it with the right hand. The sound you get is one that mimics a tremolo pedal. In this lesson, I break down that technique by showing how I use it with a chord progression I developed to go along with it for my song.

I also talk more about how to break larger rhythms down into smaller rhythms. I try to gravitate toward techniques that help me clump fast burst of notes together that I can use to express quick 2’s, 3’s and 4’s to create more rhythmically rich ideas.

Also, George, the videographer absolutely murdered the tabs on this one!

John Ferrara’s new album, A Lesson in Impermanence is streaming on Spotify and all major platforms. John is also available for private online lessons, via his website. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel.

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