Darkglass Electronics Revives the Duality with the DFZ Pedal

Darkglass Electronics DFZ Dual Fuzz Engine PedalAfter years of being discontinued, Darkglass Electronics has reintroduced the Duality pedal as the DFZ. The new pedal has the same circuitry – including two discrete fuzz circuits – while being housed in the same streamlined concept as their recent B1K. Its dimensions measure at just 2 inches by 1.75 inches by 4 inches.

The DFZ, aka Dual Fuzz Engine, has a gated saw-tooth wave fuzz and a high-gain fuzz that can be mixed together for a variety of tones. It has two oversized knobs on the front: one to control the level and the other to mix the fuzz circuits. Blend and Filter controls are accessed on the back of the pedal under a small cover.

The Darkglass DFZ will be shipping soon with a street price of $149.99.

Darkglass Electronics DFZ Dual Fuzz Engine Pedal Features:

Two Discrete Fuzz Circuits
Level Control
Duality Control
Blend and Filter Controls in Back
Dimensions: Width: 50 mm /2″ Length: 45 mm/ 1,75″ Height: 100 mm / 4″
Weight: 205 g / 0,45 lb

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