LusitHand Devices Unveils the 800TS Bass Preamp

LusitHand Devices 800TS Preamp

LuistHand Devices has introduced a new onboard preamp to wrap up 2022. The 800TS preamp pays homage to the EQ section of a GK800RB amp and fits it into a Jazzplate format. LusitHand says the tone stack has serious high-frequency power and a deep bottom end.

“The Hi-mid and Treble controls are highly interactive; the same goes for the Lo-Mid and Bass Controls. This gives you a lot of control over your overall sound, and, no matter what, your signal will always be very “cut through” and clear sounding,” they write.

The control set includes a stacked Treble/Bass and a stacked Hi-Mix/Low Mid, as well as an active/passive switch, a three-way tone switch, a master volume, and a blend. An option for Dual volume knobs is also available.

As with all of the company’s preamps, the 800TS is solderless. It will be available soon with an introductory price of £185 ($226 USD). The standard price will go up to £215 ($263 USD).

LusitHand Devices 800TS Preamp Features:

Onboard Preamp for Use with J-Style Basses
Active/Passive Switch
3 way Tone switch
Treble: Boost and Cut around 4 khz
Bass: Boost and Cut around 60 hz
Hi-Mid: Boost and cut around 1 khz
Lo-Mid: Boost and cut around 250 hz
Voltage operation: 9 to 27 VDC
Current Draw: +- 2mAh (9v)
Solderless Connections

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