Walrus Audio Introduces Canvas Power Supplies

Walrus Audio Canvas Power Supplies

Walrus Audio has introduced four new power supplies to their Canvas series. The models are differentiated by the number of outputs (five, eight, fifteen, or twenty-two) that deliver up to 500mA of isolated, clean 9-volt power.

“Built upon modern switch mode supply architectures, these power supplies ensure each output is isolated, highly efficient, and heavily filtered, guaranteeing ample power with incredibly low noise,” Walrus writes.

Although each Canvas Power Supply is an individual unit, they can be coupled via a 24-V power link to easily grow your pedalboard’s power. The Canvas Power 5, Power 8, Power 15, and Power 22 all have 9- —to 12-volt variable outputs, a USB C port, and custom barrel cables.

The Walrus Audio Canvas Power Supply units are available now at prices ranging from $169.99 to $399.99.

Walrus Audio Canvas Power Supply Features:

5, 8, 15, or 22 output models
DC cables included
Mounting bracket set included

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