The Smile, Featuring Members of Radiohead, Releases First Live Album

The Smile (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, 2022)Radiohead offshoot band The Smile has released a new live EP to follow up their debut album, A Light for Attracting Attention, from earlier this year. The Smile (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, 2022) displays the creative magnitude of vocalist Thom Yorke and guitars Jonny Greenwood’s side project that began over COVID.

The two Radiohead members are joined by drummer Tom Skinner to complete their trio. Yorke and Greenwood share instruments, with each of them moving between guitar, keyboard, and bass.

It’s interesting to see how they approach the bass, especially Yorke. Check out his bass line on “The Smoke” as he delivers his signature vocals.

Similarly, Greenwood explores the upper register of the bass on “Pana-vision” as Yorke moves to the piano.

The Smile’s new live album is streaming now via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The Smile (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, 2022) Track List:

  1. Pana-vision
  2. Thin Thing
  3. The Opposite
  4. Speech Bubbles
  5. Free In The Knowledge/A Hairdryer
  6. The Smoke
  7. You Will Never Work in Television Again

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