Danny Ziemann and Valerie Costa Release “And That Would Be…”

Valerie Costa and Danny Ziemann: And That Would Be...Back in November, we shared an amazing version of “The Two Lonely People” by vocalist Valerie Costa and bassist Danny Ziemann. Now they’ve released a full-length album of duets, And That Would Be…, that features their intimate arrangements of ten jazz standards.

“This record was SO much fun to put together and is totally DIY in every sense: we recorded, mixed, and mastered it, in addition to it being self-released,” Ziemann says. “‘And That Would Be…’ contains ten songs with vastly different arrangements and stunning lyrical interpretations by Valerie and showcases some new concepts for solo bass playing (without rhythm section support). Valerie and I worked hard to curate a recording that tells a story from start to finish, and we couldn’t be more psyched for you to hear it.”

Ziemann adds that he’ll be holding a free seminar soon to explain his approaches on the album, including solo introductions, chords, and triple-counterpoint. In case you missed it, check out his jaw-dropping intro to “The Two Lonely People”:

And That Would Be… is available now via Bandcamp.

And That Would Be… Track List:

  1. All of You
  2. East of the Sun
  3. The Two Lonely People
  4. Look for the Silver Lining
  5. But Beautiful
  6. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
  7. Sweet Pumpkin
  8. Skylark
  9. Body and Soul
  10. Peace

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