Nembrini Audio Launches the Bass Driver Plugin

Nembrini Audio Bass Driver Plugin

For bassists working “inside the box,” Nembrini Audio has just introduced a new DAW plugin called the Bass Driver. The three-band overdrive and amp simulator is based on the SansAmp Bass Driver D.I. while allowing for more flexibility.

“The main features of the new plugin include three-band distortion/overdrive sections blended with two crossover parametric tone equalization and Presence for upper harmonic content,” Nembrini writes. “For maximum control, there is a nine-band graphic equalizer with proportional Q. Four selected bass guitar cab emulations, four mic simulations with position and distance controls, a parallel D.I. pre/post amplifier with EQ controls, and a desk compressor work together to provide boundless sound variations.”

Additionally, an Impulse Loader lets you use third-party impulse responses and blend them together with the D.I. pre or post.

Nembrini Audio is introducing the Bass Driver Plugin at a special price of $39, which will rise to its normal price of $137.

Nembrini Audio Bass Driver Plugin Features:

3 band overdrive featuring parametric crossovers
Parametric tone equalization and Presence for upper harmonic content
9 bands graphic equalizer with proportional Q
4 Bass Cabinet and 4 Microphone Emulations
Parallel DI Signal
Impulse Response Loader
Bass Enhancer/Noise Gate

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