Nembrini Audio Introduces the Bass Hammer Plugin

Nembrini Bass Hammer Plugin on Mac

Nembrini Audio has launched a new plugin called the Bass Hammer, which lets you sculpt your bass tone in a DAW or on your phone. Its sound, controls, and appearance are modeled after the Aguilar Tone Hammer. The company says that includes the Tone Hammer’s “distinct organic warmth, detailed midrange control, and adaptive tonal shaping.”

Its control set includes Gain, Comp, Drive, and Master. Its comprehensive EQ section includes a graphic EQ and a three-band EQ with sweepable mids. Another core feature is the AGS, or Adaptive Gain Sculpting switch.

“Adaptive Gain Sculpting [transforms] a signal’s EQ curve and gain structure and alter the behavior of the MID parameter,” Nembrini explains. The Bass Hammer also has four cabinet emulations, four microphone emulations, and a parallel DI signal with console compressor.

The Nembrini Bass Hammer plugin has introductory prices of $29.99 for the desktop version and $9.99 for the iOS version until April 30th. After that the prices go to $137 and $19.99.

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