Sean O’Bryan Smith Returns with “Musings of an Occasional Somebody”

Sean O’Bryan Smith: Musings of an Occasional SomebodySean O’Bryan Smith has returned with a brand new album entitled Musings of an Occasional Somebody. The bassist, who also plays multiple other instruments along with producing the effort, calls it his first full-production New Age project.

It features many of Smith’s originals with collaborations with artists like John Gregorius, Brannan Lane, John Fluker, Chinmaya Dunster, Dieter Spears, and Keith Medley. The bassist tells us the album’s focus was on the compositions, making it a “non-bass/bass album.”

“[For the ] bass geekdom, most of the album is my NS Design NXT5,” he says. “Other instruments are my signature model Rybski Standard fretless with a Gregory preamp, Custom Rybski 6, Raven West 7 string, and a Washburn RB2802 8 string bass.”

His exploration of soundscapes is beautiful, and there certainly is some gorgeous bass work throughout. Check out his song “Chosen,” where he utilizes the 8-string Washburn to support Keith Medley’s fretless harp guitar:

Musings of an Occasional Somebody is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Musings of an Occasional Somebody Track List:

  1. The Great Mystery
  2. The Fog
  3. Over Land and Sea
  4. Isla del Paraiso
  5. From the East
  6. Around Every Turn
  7. New Day
  8. The Albatross and the Whale
  9. Chosen

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