Petros Klampanis: Enteka

Petros Klampanis has a new album coming out, and given his previous work, I’m very excited about it. The bassist and composer calls the upcoming record Tora Collective his “love letter” to Greek folk music. It will feature traditional Greek instruments like the oud and laouto with more modern arrangements for a new angle on his homeland’s songs.

“For me, it’s a personal thing,” Klampanis explains. “I want to reflect on what Greek music and culture offer the world. How can music from the Aegean to Epirus and from the Ionian Islands to Crete meet and speak to the hearts and minds of musicians and audiences from different parts of the world, different traditions and backgrounds?”

Today we’re featuring the studio video for “Enteka,” which is a folk song from Macedonia. Klampanis says Macedonian folk songs tend to have “groovier, faster tempos and energetic dances. His take features the bass doubling melodies with singer Areti Ketime before adding his own rhythmic excitement to the groove.

Tora Collective will be released on February 24th.

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